Luiz Bruno

luiz-brunoLuiz Bruno is a Brazilian artist living in London. He started his musical career as bass player, in Brazil. After leaving the country he invested in a solo career with a new proposal, merging psychedelic rock with hip hop beats. He performs on his own with the help of drum machines, guitar, synths and samples in venues around the United Kingdom. “Yeah!” is his first single, released in July 2017.

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Pássaro Vadio

passaro-vadioPássaro Vadio is a band founded in 2015 by musician and composer Ramiro Macedo. The original music made in this project does not conform to any specific genre making use of popular local rhythms of Brazilian music folklore combined with ethereal textures from  dream-pop and psychedelic folk without forgetting its rock and roll soul. Pássaro Vadio released its debut full length album, Caosmos, in June 2017.

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